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          HIGHLIGHTERS - There are never enough highlighters!

          WATER - Drama students consume vast quantities of water. Take our 5 gallon jug and have it refilled for us! It's only 35 cents a gallon!

          PAINT - any water based paint you no longer need can be donated to us to use for scene painting.

          PAINTERS TAPE - 1 inch wide blue tape (the only kind allowed for hanging posters on campus).

          PAINT BRUSHES AND ROLLERS - all sizes, any brand, cheap is fine.

          COSTUMES - We are always in need of costume pieces, menswear in particular! If you are cleaning out your closets, think of us!

          SNACKS - Drama students are always hungry after school and before rehearsal. Help them make good dietary choices by donating healthy, filling             snacks. Suggestions include individually wrapped packages of nuts, granola bars, or fruit bars.

          BATTERIES - 9 volt and AA batteries are always in short supply.



Donate a gift to support ACHS Theatre Arts by writing a check to our ACHS Alliance account to receive a tax-deductible receipt. Be sure to write "DRAMA" in the memo line.

Donate directly to our PayPal account, our flex fund, used for immediate show needs. Click the link below.

We thank you!




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