I Got You - Bring It On The Musical
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Campbell Audition - Bring It On The Musical
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Bridget Audition - Bring It On The Musical
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La Cienaga Audition - Bring It On The Musical
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Nautica Audition - Bring It On The Musical
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Randall Audition - Bring It On The Musical
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November 16, 2018


Congratulations to our cast members for BRING IT ON THE MUSICAL!

Please read "A few words about auditions" below after checking the cast list.


Campbell - Noelle Moore, Understudy Bella Camino

Danielle - Gianna Valencia, Understudy Hailey Cruz

Nautica - Robyn-Elizabeth Yan

Randall - Joseph Tate, Understudy Micah Scott (Sunday Performances)

La Cienega - TBD, Understudy Nile Garcia

Steven - Nick Ayers

Kylar - Rebecca Garcia-Larita, Understudy Isabella Berlanga

Skylar - Ava Swaffar, Understudy Arriella Guidubaldi

Eva - Bella Camino, Understudy Gianna Valencia

Twig - Aaron Santos

Bridget - Samantha Becvar, Understudy Taylor Buono

Cameron - Frankie Martinez

Truman Swing - Haley Konoval

Jackson Swing - Leila Elabed


Jackson High Dance Team:                           

Leila Elabed                                  

Hailey Cruz                                                             

Kennedy Byrdsong                                             

Mikayla Hallare                                                     

Janeth Madrigal                                                    

Joseph Biondini                                                      
Joanne Casile                                                         

Essence Hardiman                                           


Truman High Cheer Squad:

Haley Konoval

Taylor Buono

Arriella Guidubaldi

Kacie Young

Jana Mielle Olano

Krystal Aqui

Alondra Araujo

Madelyn Eugenio



Lorraine Sandoval

Audrey Benton

Divinity Chao



Ensemble (Jackson/Truman)

Micah Scott

Eli Esquivel                                                 

 Zander Lipari

Fernan Bautista                                       

Dominic Liberti

Deanna Reyes                                          

Melissa Robinson

Sara Shollenberger                                

Kirsten Napiza

Susana Hernandez Rodriguez          

Daniela Wilder

Divinity Chao                                              

Isabella Hanson

Katrina Cole                                               

Camill Bagta

Julio Garcia                                                

Ashley Perez

Nile Garcia                                                  

Aaron Lopez

Luis Buenaventura                                 

Isabella Mia Mandapat Berlanga

Angelica Albarran                                   

Audrey Benton

Natalya Ferris                                           

Jakob Welch


Amaria Bradley

Valerie Mostajo

Laurel Raymond



Nathan Umali


November 16, 2018

A few words about auditions...

It’s normal to feel a lot of feelings when you look at the cast list. Please remember that it is the directors' job to envision the show and cast who they believe will bring that vision to life. We cast students who do the best on the day of auditions.

Not every show has roles that fit every student. Sometimes the best actress is not right for a leading role. Several times, our best performer has gone from being considered for the lead to being in the ensemble (or vice versa!). This is hard to explain and even harder to deal with when it happens to you. Putting together the cast and crew of a show is a complex puzzle. The director has to fit all the pieces together in a way that will help all of the students shine and tell the best story. Sometimes you get the lead, sometimes you are in the ensemble and sometimes you are in the technical crew, but the important thing is that you are part of the show.


This can be difficult to understand for students and their parents. It is the worst part of a theatre teacher’s job. Unfortunately, dealing with these feelings of rejection is part of theatre. If you want to be involved in ACHS theatre, you need to be excited to audition for any role, and be willing to be a part of the show, no matter the size of the part. Because being IN the show is what will provide you with lifelong friends and memories.

Why didn’t I get the role? How do I find out why? Casting a show is a difficult process. Your directors struggled to find balance in the cast list. Your audition may or may not have been a performance you were happy with, but either way, you did what you could in the moment. It’s best to not let yourself go crazy wondering what you could have done differently. A musical requires singing, dancing, and acting, so showing strength and growth in all three areas is what impresses the directors. We know you worked hard and that you may not have done your best performance, but oftentimes casting is more about how the characters fit together in the big picture. Continue to work hard and grow and, most importantly, be yourself. You never know when YOU are exactly what the directors are looking for.

We are thrilled that you are a part of this show and we can't wait to get started!

Ms. Heartt

Ms. Brace, Mr. Butler, Mr. Lagomarsino, Ms. McIntyre, & Ms. Viv

November 08, 2018

AUDITION Dance Video

Learn and practice this dance to be prepared for Bring It On Auditions on Wednesday, Nov. 14!

November 07, 2018


Watch & learn the audition cheer!

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